Today I’m wearing my “Chanel” outfit. (Read: black and white.) One day when I manage to stuff a leprechaun into my tote bag, I’ll buy a Caviar 2.55. Until then, it’s all about irony. Ha? Ha.


I asked Husband to take a photo of my outfit this morning (I promised!) and he laughed at me. Somehow he thought putting on his shoes and packing a lunch took priority in the 2.19 minutes we had before sprinting out the door. Geez.

Hence, I made do with Photobooth and my gorge office for a set.

My skirt is many years old and much altered by me, from Old Navy. Jacket, Forever 21. T-shirt, H&M via Ebay. Shoes, Seychelles via Ross.

P.S. I may or may not have “strongly encouraged” my students to write about Lady Gaga. The quote on the blackboard behind me is one of the gems from that experiment.


One response to “Sha-Nellllleeee!

  1. I love, love, love it and so would Carl…no doubt:)

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