Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your celebration is filled with loved ones, warmth, and good eatin’. I’ll update you on how the dressing and Tofurkey went soon. Until then, here’s a list of ten (arbitrary, even-sounding number) things I’m grateful for today. People are too easy and–Husband, family, friends, teachers, and cat–you should already know I’m thankful for you!

1. Interwebs.

I love the connective properties of the internet! I’ve learned SO much about fashion, style, sewing, cooking, New York-ing, photography, and design since investing myself in various internet communities. How else would I have found out about this Lego marriage proposal? (via automatism)

2. Shoes.

They get me where I need to be, some days more pain-free than others, and are simply delightful.

D. did not approve of my attempts to photograph my boot collection and made valiant efforts at thwarting me.

(P.S. Another reason I took these photos is because I discovered that we do get a miniscule amount of natural light in our cave-like apartment! It just happens to arrive at midday when NO ONE is home to appreciate it and even then, only on days that aren’t gray like the past few weeks have been! Even D. gets locked out of this front office when we’re gone because of her tendency to jump in the window and announce her illegal presence.)

3. Graduate school.

As much as I whine and moan, I’m extremely lucky to be in the position I am and get paid (pittance that it may be) to do what I love. I get to read, write, watch television, and hang out with cool kids and talk about cool things. Teaching this year has added a whole new level of things to be thankful for about my job. It was a bit of a rocky start, but getting to know the students and see them develop and become more confident in discussion and in their writing has been a joy.

This is the building my office is in on campus.

4. Health insurance.

This is related to #3, but bear with me. I am fortunate to be in good health, but have made several visits to various doctors over the past year for both routine and urgent needs. Never, not one time, have we received a bill from one of these visits that we were unable to pay. The statements that we receive from our insurance detail the charges submitted to them from each facility, and it’s outrageous. I don’t understand the complexities of how it all works due to being woefully uninformed, but I do know that without our excellent health insurance (that I receive as part of my job and we purchase at a reasonable rate for Husband), many of the needs I’ve had would have had to go unattended, or we would have had to go into debt to pay for the care I received.

Just something to think about.

5. My camera.

I just got this camera in the summer of 2008 as a graduation gift from my dad and I’ve already been talking about upgrading! Ha. Really though, I love this camera. It’s the first nice one I’ve ever had and it’s been great to start out on. My Nikon has been a fellow traveler and partier and does a praiseworthy job most of the time. I definitely appreciate the luxury of owning such a toy/tool and being able to document memories.

6. Garlic press!

My mom gave me her garlic press when I was home visiting and admiring it. I cook with garlic more days than not. Seriously. We buy a head of garlic at least once every two weeks, sometimes more if we’re eating lots of salsa. This garlic press has saved me so much stress, time, and finger wounds that I sometimes sleep with it under my pillow.

Just kidding.

Truly though, it’s a thing of beauty and now I just need the comparable tools for onions and peppers!

7. Gossip Girl

This is the third season of the show and, subsequently, the third season I’ve basked in its slick, dramatic, and stylish glow. This season has been particularly meaningful for me though since my best girlfriends all get together to watch, giggle, ogle, and celebrate the show and our classed-up, scholarly conversations about it. You should hear us go after martini #2. It’s a fantastic way to watch television.

8. Food in our town.

While our town could never be described as a culinary destination, there are more than a few good restaurants. More importantly to me though is the fact that the majority of restaurants cater to vegetarians. Trust that while the Pacific Northwest has its drawbacks, and I’m usually more than willing to talk about them, lack of amazing produce and vegetarian options is not a problem. I was so pleased to find this reputation true when we moved here from the South. I know it’s hard for non-vegetarians to understand, but going out to eat in the South and having “our side garden salad” or french fries pushed on you for your main course gets old. Of course I’m generalizing and this is definitely not true everywhere, but there definitely are more and better options for me here. And I appreciate it.

9. My bicycle.

Dearest Winnifred, I love you. I need to bathe you. Thank you for being so faithful and taking me so many places this past year-and-a-half so peacefully and gracefully. Sorry you’ve been cooped up in the storage room for the past few weeks, but riding in the rain makes me a real grump. Plus, it’s not the best for you when I don’t have the resources to care for you post-rainy ride. Here’s to us and here’s to the passing of the rainy season! May it go by faster than us flying down 22nd Street.

10. My sewing machine.

It was not so long ago I posted here about waiting (impatiently) to get my sewing machine! It was a much-researched decision and that effort has paid off. I’ve completed several projects since receiving it and feel more confident each time. Despite the fact that yesterday’s dress was a bust, I have several other things lined up to work on over the break.

Sewing has been simultaneously thrilling and infuriating throughout the learning process. I don’t suppose that you ever quit learning with an art as detailed and wide-ranging as sewing, but I look forward to the day I no longer feel like a complete novice.

I appreciate the freedom sewing has given me both to create and to repair. I hope to someday be able to create clothes without a pattern (or at least without the total dependance I feel now), but I’m enjoying the process and collecting lots of fun patterns along the way.


Thanks for reading my list of ten things. And people? I appreciate you too, in case you didn’t already know. xo



3 responses to “Day of Thanks

  1. Your bicycle is fantastic looking! And my camera was definitely the best gift I ever received. 🙂

  2. I’m voting to vote along with you, I’m glad to know all those small things make you happy and you see the real BIG picture;)

  3. and I simply adore the pic of the boots and your houseguest;)

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