Does a kitchen win cancel out a sewing fail?

I’m not sure. I was working on this dress and so proud that I finished it in one afternoon. I made it with this super-soft and cozy blue/black buffalo plaid flannel and considered wearing it to our Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow. This dress was two simple steps from being done when I finally decided to take a break and try it on. Somewhere something went awry. I’m either blaming my complete and total lack of anywhere decent to cut fabric (last night it was the kitchen floor–let me tell you that’s not a good idea. After bending over at awkward angles for a couple of hours, my back was my worst enemy.) or my impatience.

I really don’t want to waste the fabric, so once I’m over my disappointment I may try and salvage it. The only real problem is that the fabric is so soft that the thread blends in really well, making it hard to even see it, much less pull out seams without tearing the fabric along with them. Le sigh.

To comfort myself over the dress fail, I made macaroni and cheese adapted from this recipe. It was delightful.

I should have let it get a little more done on the top, but I just couldn’t wait anymore. I truly believe that it’s only because of Zumba and genetics (thanks, Mom!) that I don’t weigh 300 pounds. Without Zumba over Christmas break I’m going to actually have to be self-motivated and walk…or something. I could just cut down on the carbs. Or the dairy.




One response to “Does a kitchen win cancel out a sewing fail?

  1. or we could just go ahead and thank my mom and my grandmother…thank you, thank you, thank you, ladies of my past generations on my MOTHER’S side;)

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