Haute Karl

Ever since I’ve known (about) him, I’ve always had a thing for Karl. My fantasy wardrobe is loaded with Chanel. Despite his unquestionable design genius, Uncle Karl is a riot and I read every interview with him I can find. He says the most outrageous, hilarious things. This is one of my favorite photos of him and my iPhone wallpaper:

(The one on the right is my wallpaper, but both of these were so good, I couldn’t choose.)

I was delighted to stumble across this amazing t-shirt on eBay last week from the collection Karl designed for H&M!

It now lives with me. eBay is so good to me. This may the be the closest I get to ever owning a piece of Karl-designed Chanel, and I’ll take it!

I was almost equally as delighted to find this Chanel-esque tweed jacket at Forever 21 tonight while shopping with K.

As soon as I can pull together and appropriately black-and-white outfit, I’ll post some shots here of these two fantastic items together.

Thank you, Uncle Karl, for making my world a happier, more beautiful place to be.



2 responses to “Haute Karl

  1. He is so outrageous and half the time I scratch my head at his quotes…but also definitely a genius and he seems to have a great sense of humor.

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