Banner Day

Today, for the first time all term, I graded my whole class’s essays in one day. I am feeling pretty powerful AND pretty psyched that my hard labor means that I am actually going to get ONE DAY OF WEEKEND! WHOO! Usually grading eats up entire weekends. I watch the hours fly by through the windows like some sad indie film that has sped up the filmed playback of the sunset for super cool artistic effect. Bleh. I’m so over “super cool.” Much like “random,” people just need to let it die in peace.

Thanksgiving is soon. We’re celebrating with other people for whom I am thankful. The only sad part is that everyone for whom I am thankful will not be in attendance.

I’m excited about cooking. I bought my first ever Tofurkey today and even if it’s disgusting (which I suspect it might be) it will be hilarious to serve alongside the actual turkey. Plus, isn’t it a win just to get to spend a whole day saying the word, “Tofurkey”?

Tonight’s joy along with the anticipation of the upcoming holiday can best be expressed by an elk.

via Cute Overload


One response to “Banner Day

  1. We are going to miss you so much! But, I am also thankful for your wonderful friends. And as a sidenote: I watched Paula Deen make a turducken this morning, HA, figure that one out;)

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