“Oh, just smile already!”

As much as I like having photos of Steven and myself, neither of us are very diligent or cooperative about taking them. This is what we have (upon request, Mom) from our Portland trip:

See my new silver bracelet? Anniversary present from the best husband ever.

I included this one so you could see the crazy “multi-fur” rug in Hotel Modera’s lobby. Sick? Sick.

The only photo of us together from the whole weekend. Thank you, self-timer.

I kept trying to take off my overcoat for photos, but by this point I was cold and tired of fighting with it, so here it is.

There are these awesome fire pits outside Hotel Modera.

Now, I’m back to work. A proper review of the hotel coming soon. And maybe a few more photos of the city.


2 responses to ““Oh, just smile already!”

  1. Thank you, I still amazed at your gorgeousness! Oh, joy of my life;)

  2. Okay, okay…I’m….

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