Bolt Fabric Boutique

One of the places in Portland I most looked forward to visiting on our trip was Bolt Fabric Boutique. I’d heard about the store through the interwebs and was excited to move past the hum-drum fabric selection my local Jo-Ann’s usually has to offer. Bolt did not disappoint. The store was incredibly well-stocked and the salesperson friendly and helpful. One reason I took so many photos was to deliberate over my own purchases. Oddly enough, the two fabrics I finally, finally narrowed down to didn’t make any of the photos! I’ll be sure and take pictures of them when I start projects.

Also, hilariously, when we were leaving the restaurant we ate lunch at, I put in “Bolt, Portland, OR,” into my iPhone’s GPS thinking that was the search term I’d used before. As I navigated and Husband drove, I kept saying, “Wow. This isn’t at all the kind of area I’d imagine the store to be in. Weird.”

As we made the final turn down “Guam Street,” I realized what happened. Then I laughed my butt off. Husband said, “Aren’t you even a little embarrassed?” All I could get out was a nod. Ahem.

Here, along with the (un-photographed) fabrics I got to bring home, is the documentation that we did actually find the right place…eventually. Click images to enlarge.

I can declare this shelf, along with one more, my favorite in the entire store. I loved these fabrics. The lemons and dove greys were divine. Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify buying any of these this trip.

My co-favorite shelf. These Kokka fabrics are out of control. They were a bit pricey for me, but for smaller projects than I had in mind, or for a larger budget, these were absolutely the way to go. (P.S. Bolt also had some lovely Marimekko fabrics in stock not pictured here.)

See? Beautiful.

Adored these fall-inspired fabrics, especially the yellow-gold floral.

More Kokka fabrics.

And the final Kokka shot.

The Liberty fabric (dark floral near the center) was to die for. Seriously drool-worthy.

I hope to visit Bolt again in the future and would advise you to do the same, should you have the chance. It was a beginning sewer’s fantasy store, but I would imagine that it would delight anyone who works with fabric. Also, be sure check out their blog. Thanks to Bolt for their generosity in letting me photograph their space and share the images here with you.


2 responses to “Bolt Fabric Boutique

  1. Dang, and I was going to buy you a JoAnn gift card for Christmas, I’m so glad I read this;)

  2. Haha. Well, actually, JoAnn’s isn’t all that bad when it’s all you’ve got. It just pales in comparison to Bolt!

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