We’re baaaaack!

It was all beautiful and wonderful and romantic and everything I’d hoped it would be. But, unfortunately, I now have to deal with the consequences of completely ignoring all school-related things for three whole days. I hope to surface again sooner than later, but lesson planning, peer reviewing, book reviewing, and paper writing have to take precedence for at least a little while. I hope these photos (click to enlarge!) I took over the weekend can tide you over for a bit. xo

portland 1

portland 2

portland 3

portland 4

portland 5

portland 6

portland 7

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Bolt Fabric Boutique, Hotel Modera, the Doug Fir, my amazing husband, and way more.

All photos mine. Please do not copy or re-post without permission.


2 responses to “We’re baaaaack!

  1. So fun! Can’t wait to hear about that hotel…I’m a sucker for chic hotels. Hope you’re surviving this PNW winter so far…it’s a rough Monday morning up here.

  2. excuse me, but could you put the anniversary couple in the pics somewhere? Your pics were wonderful and make me ache to head that way!

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