Delirium and Love

I’m a bit of out it since I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning (not as cute as wee baby animals) working on a rough draft of a seminar paper due today.

However, this morning, I’m in a caffeine- and music-induced celebratory haze. Making me smile and shake my booty in my office chair are:

Leighton Meester

and my love, Gagaloo.

via Jak & Jil

Do yourself a favor and go revel in the glory of Leighton’s new single, “Somebody to Love,” featuring Robin Thicke. I would say that it’s a guilty pleasure, but I’ve had a surprisingly reduced capacity for guilt lately. Then, you let me know if you don’t feel the undeniable urge to dance. Gagaloo’s new single and video are subjects for an entirely different post. Coming soon. Or just go read White Lightning’s life-changing recap/analysis of the video. I’m still not over it.


2 responses to “Delirium and Love

  1. Whaaaa? She writes the musics?

  2. Gaga? Most def. As for Leighton, I’m sure definitely not.

    P.S. Hiii.

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