Further Adventures in Being “That Girl”

You know, “that girl” who takes pictures of herself in University bathrooms. And then only questions that decision because of the super unflattering lighting.

Eh. It’s not like the leather motorcycle jacket and pearls didn’t give it away already, but I can pretend.

Without further ado, bathroom photos! Of my SKIRT! I’m so proud. So proud that I almost smacked Husband this morning when he said, “Wearing the homemade skirt, huh?” He then backpedaled so fast that he nearly ended up in a DeLorean (just go with it).



Do not think that it escaped my notice that this outfit would be much improved with my black bow booties, but the infernal rain won that battle. Oregon hates suede.



4 responses to “Further Adventures in Being “That Girl”

  1. Rad. It turned out super cute!

  2. Thanks, lovely! Did you notice that I’m wearing your necklace from the swap we had eons ago?! I adore it.

  3. Look how insanely cute you are. Super impressive sewing skills.

  4. Thanks, Kristin.

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