Modern Family

Modern Family is in its first season on ABC. Someone at school recommended it to me and on a fateful Thursday, frustrated that my usually punctual pirates had yet to upload the previous night’s America’s Next Top Model, I decided to get my television fix by trying this show out. Conveniently, the most recent (five? I think?) episodes are on Hulu. I like it. I like it so much that once Husband came home, I forced him to (re)watch one episode with me. He begrudgingly agreed, then told me that, yes, he would continue to watch the subsequent episodes with me. Yessss.

P.S. Is anyone out there still watching Mad Men? How AMAZING was last week’s episode?! I’m bummed that this week is the season finale. I’ve got to get the Huz caught up on season 2 so I can re-watch this season with him.


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