Day of Birth Celebration!

It’s Huz’s birthday! We have many favorite local restaurants, but our hands-down favorite on our birthdays is Cornucopia who generously sends a free birthday meal card in the mail! We decided to use the card a couple of nights ago, a pre-birthday celebration. The waiter encouraged Husband to go big or go home. He ordered some huge hunk of steak. I got my typical delicious grilled cheese. And tomato soup. With Goldfish crackers. And the best french fries you’ve ever had. Probably.


This was the fourth or fifth shot I took, with him being completely obnoxious in the others. This is his apology photo.

Tonight we are planning on doing an art walk through local art galleries and then finding dinner somewhere downtown. I’ll try and document it as I remember and am allowed.

Today is also our FIFTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, canyoubelieveit?! I can’t. He’s my bestest everything and we continually find joy together and in each other, even in the most mundane, annoying, and moodiest of moments. We officially declared all anniversary acknowledgements and celebrations to be postponed until next weekend on our Portland trip.

Happy birthday, Husband.

P.S. In case you were curious, being the loving wife that I am, I wrapped up a box of blueberry Pop-Tarts and a package of Double-Stuf Oreos for him to open this morning. We’d gotten him a really nice leather jacket, but upon its arrival he decided he wasn’t smitten enough with it, so back it went. We hope to remedy the jacket/present (other than junk food I otherwise refuse to buy) situation on our trip.


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