Birthday, Part 2

I sent Huz birthday flowers. The florist asked me if I wanted any filler and design work done. I said yes. I didn’t have trampled-on red leaves (Trust me, the photos make the leaves look great.) and lame doctor’s office-like greenery in mind. I think she was going for “masculine” and ending up with ugly. At least the roses were pretty.



We visited many of the city’s art galleries on a sponsored Art Walk although we avoided the guided tour like the plague. There was one really cool gallery (I loved the Christina Karns and Gareth Spor exhibit) and several mediocre ones. However, one gallery had some “whimsical paintings” Huz liked and some pretty silver jewelry I liked. I did appreciate how the artists, for the most part, were present with their exhibits at the galleries. I didn’t take any photos at the galleries, but I did take some of Huz in between. Oh, and this awesome van with a dashboard display like you’ve never seen. Nobigdealz.




We did dinner at The Humble Beagle. As per usual, I was more impressed with my food than Huz was. He wanted to order a lamb burger that they’d had on the menu back in September, but they’ve since switched to their fall menu and no longer offer it. He settled for a regular burger and said it was “pretty good.” I had fettucini with wild mushrooms and it was divine. The mushrooms, especially the chanterelles, were so, so flavorful and the kitchen so generous with the ratio of mushrooms to pasta that I was beyond pleased. I have leftovers for tomorrow.





Husband, you’re the best fellow adventurer and lounge singer I could ever hope for. Thanks for born and for being mine. xo


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