Halloween, Part 2

The first three pictures are all courtesy of my friend, S.T.

Here, we are (L to R) my man, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, S.T. the sheriff, me, B. as Jules Verne (a.k.a. use a name tag to make a costume), A. as Lady Gaga, and K. as Minnie Mouse.

This group is: roller derby-er (I don’t know what the noun for roller derby person is?), me, Sheriff, the Devil (went down to Georgia), and Swine Flu!


And this one, I took. It’s my favorite of the evening. Lady Gaga and Swine Flu! (Or, as my students have taken to calling it, “The Swine.”) P.S. The (precious!) Swine is coughing here, not protesting yet another picture. I’m super jealous of Gaga’s costume. If I had a bubble-paper skirt and silver bandeau bra, they’d probably get way more wear than would be appropriate.


One response to “Halloween, Part 2

  1. so creative, I LOVE them! Swine flu friend, you made me laugh!

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