Hi, I’m Chelsea and I am addicted to red lipstick.

Seriously. I have many. I bought another (cheapie) one tonight. I’m not going to do a total breakdown/review of each one, but I will list them all and try to put them in order of my favorites, but that will be complicated.

1. Make Up Forever’s “Cherry Red” or “207”

This lipstick is by far the truest “cherry” (blue-red) red of those I own. The color is perfect, it has decent staying power, especially when applied in strategic layers, and it takes so little product to get a full lip that I think it’s totally worth the price. I will buy this again.

2. Vincent Longo’s “Cherry” Lipstain

I bought this under the pretenses that it would actually serve as a STAIN, as the name clearly states. False. This is, for all intents and purposes, a glossy lipstick that doesn’t last for very long. However, it is a beautiful shade and is super moisturizing and easy to apply without all the hassle of liners, layers, and blotting. Again, this ranks number two because I will buy it again when I’m out.

3. Revlon “In the Red” and “Really Red”

I list these two colors together because I have to wear them together, otherwise the shades reads too fuchsia or too brown for my taste. But when the two are blended, I’m really pleased with the result. I also like the matte finish of these and appreciate their relatively decent staying power (although, again, I’m taking some serious time with the initial application). I wish they were a tad bit more moisturizing, but I would probably buy these again if they disappeared and I didn’t think I had already found a better (singular) replacement.

4. MAC Mattene in “Classic Dame”

“Classic Dame” is the shade on the left. I had heard so much about this lipstick that when I lucked across it at a Cosmetics Company Outlet I went ahead and bought two (since like nearly everything else amazing that MAC makes, this was limited edition)! However, despite the fact that this is the best neutrally toned red that I own, it’s really drying and I have yet to figure out how to eliminate that problem without also wrecking the lovely matte finish and the staying time. I haven’t given up on it yet, but I also just haven’t had the time or energy to devote to making this work for me.

5. Revlon’s “Certainly Red”

This lipstick is really, really bright. I like the tone of red that it is, but find it hard to wear alone. I often use this as a top layer for some of my slightly deeper reds, just to brighten them up a bit, but find it cumbersome to carry around just to use in addition to other colors. I have worn it alone, but find it more troublesome to “pull off” than other reds. Despite the fact that I like it, I don’t know that I will replace it when and if I use it all up.

6. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in “Cherries in the Glow”

Sorry for the hilariously tiny image, but it’s the only accurate one that I could find! This lipgloss so great. It is a red-brown shade that applies slightly sheer. It’s what I wear when I want red but don’t have the time for the full treatment. It’s no replacement for a red lipstick, but it is nice to have when lipstick is too much trouble.

7. N.Y.C. “Sheer Red” or “309B”

This was my first red lipstick. I bought it after reading the raving reviews on Makeup Alley. I have a special place in my red-lipstick-addicted heart for it, although I rarely wear it anymore. It’s a fine color, but not unique and its limited staying power means that I don’t usually reach for it.

8. Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor in Flame

I also bought this lip stain because I was (am) looking for a red stain and saw the positive reviews for this long-wearing color on Makeup Alley. Again, it’s a fine color, but the texture of this is beyond difficult. It doesn’t apply evenly with the sponge applicator and it dries so quickly that if you aren’t at all happy with the distribution of color, you have to either add another coat (dangerous because of the icky-factor that builds up fast) or start all over. And it took silicone to get this stuff off my lips. Annoying. Great idea, poor execution.

9. Tarte Rise & Shine in “Cherry”

This is another stain that I got for free (in miniature) with a purchase. I was super excited about trying this product both because of the purported “stain” and because of the plumping effect of the gloss. The problems are that the stain isn’t a red on me, but a deep pink and that the formula of the stain creates flakes and clumps on your lips where, oddly, none existed before. And, because of it’s stain-like nature, similar to the Maybelline lip color, it’s impossible to work with or repair without starting all over. Normally I love Tarte and am a huge advocate of their products but this was a fail.

Other reds that I own, just for the sake of completing the list: Goldie’s “Pomme” lipgloss, Max Factor’s “Ms. Right” (which I really like, but didn’t get to tonight), Max Factor’s “Secret Rendezvous” lipgloss, C.O. Bigelow’s lip tint in “No. 1138,” a sheer, sheer red, and L’Oreal HIP’s “Enticing” lipgloss, which, disappointingly, is more pink than red.

My most recent addition is Maybelline’s “Red Revival,” which, I’ll admit, I bought based purely on the advertisement. I didn’t even read any reviews! Unheard of.

Look at the ad! Tell me you don’t want THAT RED!

I’ll update you on it once I’ve put it through the paces. I may wear it tomorrow, but I’ve already done red lipstick on one teaching day this week and don’t want to scare the students. Oh well. They might just have to get over it.


3 responses to “Hi, I’m Chelsea and I am addicted to red lipstick.

  1. This makes me want to break out my own favorite red (L’Oreal Infallible long lasting in Crimson) more often — I love red lips on other ladies but always feel like as a blondie red can be too much. Nevermore will I be so timid! Especially when I look into a few of these…

  2. twistofdynamite

    Girl, you kill a red lip. And thanks for giving me YET ANOTHER to try out. 🙂

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