Friends, it has been a wild day to cap off a wild week. And by wild, I don’t mean such-an-overload-of-fun, instead, I mean did-all-of-these-terrible-things-HAVETOHAPPENTODAY? I woke up sick, immediately recognizing the symptoms of a recurring, minor medical problem. Luckily, the student health center on campus got me an appointment right away and off I drove. I had planned on biking but was in too much pain to be able to convince myself that was a good idea.

Turns out biking, had I been able to manage, would have been the only possible good plan. It was MOVE-IN DAY. Every freshman, parents in tow, was chatting with new friends in the middle of intersections, directing mom or dad in parking the ginormous SUVs in teensy spaces, or carrying cardboard boxes and trying to look So Cool. I was trying to resist the urge to mow them all down with my car while screaming expletives at their beaming, oblivious parents.

After I drove around for quite a while and was late for my appointment, I used my phone to look up and call the campus Public Safety (and parking) Office. I tearily (desperate pain, guys, swear) explained I had an urgent appointment at the health center and couldn’t find anywhere to park. The overwhelmed nineteen-year old I spoke with had little sympathy to offer and even less helpful advice. I pretty much hung up on him and braved the madness once more to locate a parking spot. I lucked out in finding one nearly a quarter mile away from my destination. Then I speed-walked and glowered at anyone who dared try and slow me down.

Life is hard. (But on a related side note, I’m so grateful for good insurance and easy access to healthcare.)

I made it back home, drugs in hand, and watched hours of television online to console myself. Finally, the husband came home, made me pancakes, and said all sorts of clumsily comforting things. Then he did laundry. Bolstered by all that, I found it in me to not only complete my syllabus, but to post it online EARLY for my students. I know. A real trooper, I am.

Thinking over it all tonight, if I’d worn my Maeves, maybe more kids would have moved out of my way.

via Solestruck

Tomorrow I’m planning on, if I’m up to it, going to the market and getting some of the season’s last tomatoes. I want to make summertime pasta one more time. Maybe I’ll wear the boots and test my theory.


One response to “Waaaaahhh!

  1. oh my goodness, I think I’m gonna cry, again! Why can’t I take all your pain away????

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