More NYFW, S/S

I’ve carefully curated my own collection of favorites from today’s shows. There were a couple that I flipped past at first, then two looks later, was still thinking about and so I went back and saved them. Not to get all philosophical about this, but I think that’s how the best fashion works sometimes; you dismiss something right away only to find that it sticks in your mind, in your imagination, and then suddenly, you can’t think about anything else.

One example is this dress by Derek Lam. The fabric is stunning even though it’s not necessarily the first thing your eye is drawn to with the sharp black (navy?) competing for attention at the top.

derek lam ss 2009 1

I also loved the fabric, the print really, of all these DKNY looks.

dkny nyfw 2009 ss

(This one is very Tucker, Spring 2009)

dkny nyfw 2009 ss 2

dkny nyfw 2009 ss 3

I think Behnaz Sarafpour’s collection is super sharp.

behnaz sarafpour ss 2009

The mesh detailing is so cool.

behnaz sarafpour ss 2009 2

My favorite two collections from today were by Rebecca Taylor (first three images) and Reem Acra (final three):

rebecca taylor ss 2009 1

Love, love, love, love. Perhaps not the most innovative look ever, but perfectly executed.

rebecca taylor ss 2009 2

This is so “I’m a chic French girl,” but manages to avoid any potential for looking like a costume.

rebecca taylor ss 2009 3

The tiny bit of netting detail at the chest is spot-on.

reem acra ss 2009 1

This dress is unbelievable. I love the intricacy of the print and the careful pleating of the skirt coupled with the totally wearable and playful cut of the dress. The shoes don’t hurt either.

reem acra ss 2009 2

Very fun. The vintage-y floral top paired with the completely mod graphic skirt just feels so right. The colors are perfect together.

reem acra ss 2009 3

And oh, how to even talk about this? Can’t we just sit and marvel at it together for a moment? The fit and the neckline are impeccable. The lopsided heavy necklace is The Best Thing Ever. I just can’t even.

Sorry for all the fashion week posts, but other than the VMAs debacle between Kanye and Taylor that I won’t even go into, it’s where my internet attention has been. I have yet to see Lady Gaga’s VMA performance because no one will put it online! As soon as that’s up maybe I’ll have something not-fashion-week-related to say. Maybe.

Image credits: NY Mag


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