Lady Gaga at the VMAs

Gaga’s performance was, as per usual, weird, provocative, brilliant, and memorable. I’m still processing what I think about it and plan to watch it again tomorrow and see if I can catch more of the references she told Newsweek she was going to include in the performance. An MTV writer had this to say about Gaga’s behavior at the VMAs:

“Of course, the evening had some positive — if not unusual — moments as well. One of the big stories of the night was Lady Gaga, who made multiple costume changes and was generally strange. She didn’t really talk to anybody (save for her profanity-laced acceptance speech) and walked with an exaggerated limp. And she even left parts of herself behind: At one moment, an MTV News correspondent realized that the angel wings Gaga wore during her “Paparazzi” performance were hanging on a hook backstage.”

I love the delicious lack of irony here. It’s as if the writer truly doesn’t understand that her every single move is completely calculated and intentional, despite the fact that she’s announced in multiple interviews that her “entire life is her art.”

Team Gaga, my friends.


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