Rag & Bone, NYFW

Screen shot 2009-09-11 at 10.10.49 PM

Just you wait, two weeks and all the fashion bloggers will be wearing long johns under their olive pants. Olive, thanks to Rag & Bone, is also going to be a thing. The show also featured a lot of chambray, which is already making its way through the ranks of bloggers and will probably just stick around longer now. I prefer the chambray to the olive. I really like the fabric and cut of this jacket as well. The sleeker lines are more flattering and more classic than the boyfriend jacket that is eye-rollingly common now.

Screen shot 2009-09-11 at 10.12.04 PM

I love everything about this except the pants. Shoes? Boring, but fine. Leather blazer? Yes. Navy menswear vest and sheer gray underthings? Yes. Giant safety pin as closure? I need a box of those, STAT. I mean, really, it’s so cool and would save me lots of future headaches from having to deal with either sewing buttonholes or insetting zippers. Done and done.


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