My search for the magazines was a fail. Barnes & Noble had one copy of V Magazine, but it was the old edition, not the current one. Blah.

Today I’m headed up to Portland to retrieve a dear friend from her adventures on the other side of the country. I hope to swing by Ikea and scout out some items for my new office, which I’m going to see for the first time on my way out of town. Updates later.

Also, I’ve noticed that it appears ghostly skin, dark hair, and red lips are in for fall. Yessssss.

kate spade fall 09 4

kate spade fall 09 6

I also can’t say how happy I am the bold tights trend is sticking around. Not that I would stop wearing them if they weren’t popular anymore, but they would get harder to find. Finally, that faux fur jacket is love.

First two images from Built by Wendy, final two images from Kate Spade


3 responses to “Thursday

  1. I want… no NEED that fur jacket! And that dress!!! Besides being so adorable, the dress is the perfect colors for football season. Mixing fashion and function. YES!

  2. i’m sorry. it is a skirt and not a dress. i just looked it up. yes, i looked it up and so cannot afford the jacket and am very sad now. thanks, chelsea.

  3. you’re welcome, erica! 🙂 anytime.

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