I’ve been growing my hair out for a year. It is now, officially, the longest it has ever been. And it’s driving me bananas. I keep telling myself that waiting another year will cure this. Waiting another year will officially give me Serena Van Der Woodsen Hair, but, not blonde.

Or even Alexis Bledel hair, or Zooey Deschanel hair (lack of capital H’s on those intentional).

alexis bledel


However, after some serious introspection and mirrored reflection, I think it’s more likely that my hair will magically turn Serena-Blonde before it looks like either of these lovely brunettes’ manes with just another year’s time. I am trying to wait it out. I am trying to be patient and see. But while all that waiting is going on, I’m amassing a lovely collection of short hairstyles I’m dying to try.




All images are so old I’ve lost the credits, except for the last one, which is from The Sartorialist.


3 responses to “Hair-Brained

  1. I am all about the short locks, and you’ve got some great choices… but the Hair!!! I still say hang in there… if only because long hair is warmer in the winter.

  2. Don’t give up, but don’t despair either. You look great with short hair, or long;)

  3. Who is the second person on your short hair list?

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