I had a fantastic birthday and did all of the things I said I was going to do in my previous post. I spent most of the day shopping with my friend, K, then the husband and I did dinner with her and her fiance and our mutual friend, A. We had to abandon the original dinner plans because The Humble Beagle was closed (a future adventure!). We ended up at The Pizza Research Institute and it was super good. Plus, since Husband is a very picky eater, he opted for a slice of cheese and so I had my own small pizza and have enough leftovers for two meals. I also got some amazing birthday gifts. I am fortunate enough to have lots of thoughtful and compliant (I’m good at asking for what I want.) gift-givers in my life. I’ll post more about gifts as I photograph them and sport them out and about.

Here’s a birthday in Polaroids, or Poladroids as the case may be:


The cat didn’t want to feel left out of the festivities, so I made her a party hat from the last Sephora catalog I received. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?


Our brave friend B ordered the chef’s special, which was 12-14 toppings of the chef’s choice. He ended up really pleased with it all, except for the curried cauliflower. I can’t say that I blame him.


This was mine. I ordered half-and-half. The left half had grilled zucchini, smoked cheddar, and mushrooms. The right half had pears, roasted red potatoes, and vegan pesto. It was so. Good.


My pretty friend, K.


Me. There is a photo of me smiling, but I look drunk and was completely sober. Those kind of photos annoy me. The pizza was so expensive I passed on the alkie. Just sayin’.


Me and husband. He’s wearing a shirt I bought for him. A great triumph in our household.


Our friends, K & B. We’re members of their fan club.


Me earlier in the day, trying on the sunglasses I ended up ordering online for $50 cheaper than the store was selling them for. Thank you, Mom!


My mom also ordered me this beautiful cake that was so yummy and had the best strawberry filling! It was the best possible dessert tonight…and because of my mom’s excellent training, will be the best possible breakfast tomorrow.


2 responses to “Twenty-Four!

  1. Happy Birthday!! We had so much fun sharing it with you. You can have one any time you like.

  2. I’m having happy-Mama tears…you are worth every penny ever spent on you–times 1 million!

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