Saturday Market

Saturday Market is a big deal here. I went today with my friend Katie and it was slammed. I’m not typically claustrophobic, but today, if one more person ran into me, leaned into me, or hit my bike helmet (that was, admittedly, hanging from my shoulder bag), I was going to go off. I usually go a little earlier in the day than we made it today, and it’s less crowded then. Must make that a priority. Dealing with the crowds, including many Oregon stereotypes, is a hassle. Just for fun, here’s a line-up of the usual suspects: 1. Family dressed out in their REI and L.L. Bean gear, pushing at least one McLaren stroller and challenging anyone, anyone, to keep them from that all-organic produce stand that they’ve been frequenting since 1997, dontchaknow? 2. Coked-out kids who are wandering around looking for their friends who said they were waiting at the corner by the tie-dye stand. Ha! They’ll be searching aimlessly and moaning loudly about it for hours. 3. Middle-aged, cleaned-up Woodstockers who come every week to keep up appearances in their crowd, and to rendezvous with the nineteen-year old who stocks them in hand-crafted pottery and pot. 4. The undergraduates who come to “see what it’s all about,” walk around in their twee little dresses with their mouths hanging open, trying to be subtle about the cell phone pictures they’re snapping, then never come back.

Oh, the joys. There are, of course, more people I could go on and on about, but the only ones who really concern me are those who go without any form of deodorant. I mean, I’ve actually seen people write to the local weekly paper/magazine here that deodorant keeps people from really smelling a person’s natural scent, and thus really knowing that person, hence all the mismatched relationships and failed marriages. Ah, yes. Well. That’s great.

There are also those who believe that the aluminum in most deodorants causes cancer and other life-threatening diseases. That’s fine. There’s research that supports you in believing this. If I weren’t such a “priss-pot” I would join you in this cause. However, there are many, many, natural alternatives for you to use to keep me from gagging when I’m standing within five feet of you. Buy the crystals at Market of Choice, buy Tom’s deodorant that is widely available everywhere from the natural grocery stores to Wal-Mart (a.k.a., the devil), MAKE YOUR OWN. It’s your choice. Just please, don’t think that your oh-so-natural, eye-watering stench is really going to win anyone over to the cause.

Wow. That went somewhere I wasn’t expecting. Really though, it’s a daily issue here. People hate deodorant. Loathe it. I, on the other hand, I hate it when your personal hygiene choices inflict vile physical reactions on me. That is all.

Pictures, anyone? Let’s.

saturday market 5

saturday market 4

saturday market 3

saturday market 2

saturday market 1

The photos of the produce I actually took a couple of weekends ago, but since I’m just as enamored with the beautiful tomatoes this week, decided it was okay to post them. I bought tomatoes, a bunch of the most fragrant basil ever, and some pretty broccoli. I think I’m going to make up a batch of pesto to freeze since I still have some in the fridge from my last basil purchase. Stretch summer out as long as possible, I say. Then there’s me, and below, my friend Katie. In spite of my rant above, it was a beautiful day and I’m pleased with the produce and the potato doughnut I bought.

Next time I’ll go earlier. To avoid both the shoulder-pressing crowds and the gross smells.


2 responses to “Saturday Market

  1. I raised a priss pot? shocker;)

  2. This is pretty much perfect. An apt description of the market… all the more unfortunate aspects of Eugene coupled with the lures of the market. That produce gets me every time. And, oh, the flowers!

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