New Life-Things in Pictures

Happy Friday! Today is important for many reasons.

1. Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) is released! For a special promotion price of $29! Get on that.

2. I’m having Gossip Girl 3.0 night with my lady friends. I’m trying to rush them through seasons 1 & 2 before season 3 premiers. We’ll see.

3. There will be happy hour! Gogogo.

Here’s some pictures.

blog 1

Our cat loves my husband. A lot. Her name is Paperweight, but we usually call her Dubs for short.
blog 2

These are my yeast rolls rising. I made them from scratch. Summer time = free time = me posing as a domestic goddess. I used this recipe.

blog 3

We had dinner at our friends’ house. We ate nearly all of them. They were delicious.

blog 4

I am still working on my dress. It’s just moving slowly because I have little motivation without my own sewing machine. I mean, what. I can finish cutting the fabric then hot glue it together, I suppose. Plans to procure the sewing machine are in the works.

blog 5

However, whoopsie, I may have blown the little sewing machine fund I’d started (By selling some old clothes! Let’s hear it for paring down!) last night on card-making supplies. I was at the craft store with my super-crafty friend and was suddenly possessed by a demon. And wouldn’t you know it, that demon wouldn’t let me leave the store without the supplies to never have to buy a stupid, overpriced Hallmark card again. Can I just note that rubber stamps are overpriced as well? I still need a few more things to complete my supply collection, but I’m going to wait for a sale. These were just too perfect to leave.


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