Summer Pasta

I bought the most lovely basil today at Trader Joe’s and, as planned, made a batch of my absolute favorite summer meal: summer pasta. I stumbled across this recipe a year or so ago, and have been addicted since. I add more of everything than it calls for, and my palate thanks me, especially for the extra sherry and olive oil. I don’t have any photos of my own version because I’m a bit too distracted by the heavenliness of it to remember to grab my camera.

Plus, when making this I usually have enough basil leftover to make a small batch of pesto. Done and done.


One response to “Summer Pasta

  1. And you made the summer pasta for me and I loved it. I tried making it without you and it didn’t work, I’m not sure if it was my skills or the lack of your company. Either way, I’ll wait until we are together again to indulge—it made me thing of everything Italian, which you know makes me happy!!

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