In Review: September’s Fashion Magazines

First, the elephant of September Vogue. I found the issue to be, as I’ve come to expect, boring and surface-level. The only element that caught my eye was the editorial featuring the incomparable Natalia Vodianova, “Into the Woods.” Granted, I have a soft spot for fairy tale-themed shoots, but this one is beautifully styled and shot with the natural backdrop and the traditional story line contrasting the sharpness, excess, and delicacy of the clothing. The photographers are Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott with Grace Coddington styling. I’ll just include a few of my favorite shots below, but you can see the editorial in its entirety here.

Images Courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

I also checked out Bust, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, and will be reading Elle and Interview as soon as they make their appearances in my mailbox. (I actually had to call Interview and ask where my issue is. They’re “re-mailing” it to me and I fervently hope that it doesn’t get lost or stolen again and I’m genuinely excited about the January Jones cover and her interview by Jack Nicholson. Please, thieves, pick on someone else.)

I always have such high hopes for Bust, and they occasionally have some interesting features, but usually take themselves too seriously, to the point of caricaturing themselves. This issue was no exception.

Vanity Fair was nice this month. I liked their brief pieces with Michael Kors (crush) and Garrison Keillor (ditto, obvs). They also had a lengthy piece on Mad Men that I didn’t read, but I did admire the gorgeous photo spread with January Jones and Jon Hamm. It’s a delightful piece shot by the much-plagued Annie Leibovitz.

Image Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Real Simple was reliably safe with a fashion piece that recommended staples such as “a silk dress” (!), a black button-up (going wild and bucking the white button-up trend!), and “menswear-inspired trousers.” A real yawn, basically. Not that I really expected more of them, but if you’re going to pretend to have fashion-y pieces, especially in the month of September, at least do it well.

Fingers crossed for Elle and Interview.


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