Mad Men, Season 3 Premiere

Thanks to my darling pirates, I just watched the season three premiere of Mad Men. A full 24 hours behind the rest of the nation, but that’s okay. Not having cable comes with its own prices.

I don’t have much yet to say. For the sake of clarity and brevity, I’m going to make a list.

  • Trudy’s hat was atrocious. I usually think she’s pretty darling and think the costumers want it that way, to highlight the horribleness of Pete. Maybe she’s going rogue this season, as foreshadowed by the fez-like, woolen, unflattering hat she wore.
  • Is Joan pregnant or does someone is costuming have something against her?
  • I read a comment on Gawker’s live-blogging of the episode that I’ll paraphrase here: “Don slept with the stewardess when he normally wouldn’t have been attracted to her at all. This is him being good. He’s being good because he went after the easy one – the woman with no real depth or power – hence only a shallow attraction on his part. It’s kind of like staying faithful to Betty.” Yes. This.
  • I like Salvatore.
  • Pete just needs to go ahead and die his accidental death that I’m holding out hope they have planned for him this season.

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